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Demand and capacity management at Camper

Gestión de la demanda y gestión de la capacidad en Camper con ObsidianOn Wednesday, March 21, 2018, Enric Roca, IT Infrastructure Manager Camper, and Diego Berea, Director of Obsidian, gave a presentation at BrightTalk on the implementation of Camper’s service capability management and demand management processes IT platform using the Obsidian service monitoring platform.

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Capacity management versus demand management

ITIL and the future ISO 20000 describe, in addition to an IT service capability management process, a demand management process.

  • What are the differences between the two?
  • How can they be implemented effectively in an organization?
  • Is it possible to automate them?
  • Can they be equipped with intelligence?

Effective implementation of these processes in organizations providing IT services is not without its challenges. This presentation shows some keys to successfully implementing these processes, following ITIL best practices and the requirements of ISO 20000-1: 2018.


Success Story: Obsidian in Camper

First, from the real case of Camper, Enric Roca presents how to calculate service level indicators to have dashboards and reports that show, in real time and historical analysis, the level of compliance with SLAs.

Next, Diego Berea presents the capacity management process and how to manage it at the component, service, and business level.

Finally, how to analyze the demand, apply artificial intelligence techniques to estimate their evolution and detect patterns of behavior.


Other Obsidian Presentations on BrightTalk

For the second consecutive year, Obsidian participates in the itSMF Spain tools course. In 2017, the webinar was done by Raquel Fernández in the calculation of SLAs with Obsidian.

In addition, in 2016, Diego Berea presented another webinar with David A. Smith on New trends in IT service monitoring (in English).

More information on Obsidian capacity demand and management

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