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Obsidian Business Service Intelligence

Automate your SLAs in a matter of days

Does your organization have a service desk tool? What about monitoring tools? Most certainly you will have an ERP, among other business applications. Using data provided by these types of tools, it is possible to model an organization’s IT services, following ITIL best practices and ISO 20000 requirements, as well as define dependencies between services, and automate the generation of service level compliance dashboards and reports. The new Obsidian 2.0 platform not only provides these types of dashboards and reports, but also incorporates an automatic interpretation of indicators which further facilitates analysis and compliance control tasks.

The presentation evemultidevice_white_smallnt for Obsidian 2.0, the new release from the first new generation Business Service Intelligence & Analytics tool, took place on October 25, 26 and 27 at venues in Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon.

The average time for the initial implantation of an Obsidian project is less than three weeks, assuring a quick ROI.

It uses data which is already being calculated by the organization to improve analysis of IT service level or business level indicators, in order to increase the organisation’s control and analysis capabilities.

Access the presentation made at BrightTalk about how to automate the calculation of service level agreements (in Spanish)