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Obsidian Business Service Intelligence

Obsidian Bot

Obsidian offers a bot for Skype, Facebook Messenger or web chat which accepts questions in Spanish, Portuguese and English. The bot is deployed in Microsoft Azure and makes use of Microsoft’s Language Understanding Intelligent Service, which is similar to that used by Cortana or Bing, to build a model for understanding language and interpreting questions made by users. For example, the question “What is the current online sales service availability?” could be formulated in many different ways, such as “What level of service availability is online sales showing?” or even “Can you tell me what the current availability of online sales is?”. The Language Understanding model extracts all relevant information from each question and shares it with Obsidian. The answers provided by the bot are processed using Obsidian’s integrated data2text functionality, which in turn allows for a fluid conversation in natural language with the user . For example, the answer provided by the bot to Obsidian for the above question could be: “The current availability level is found to be within the established SLA levels. The average monthly value to date is 99.71%. At present, there are 5.58 hours left until breach of the established monthly availability levels“, or it could be “The online sales service is currently unavailable. The average monthly value to date is 51%, with an average time between failures of 22 hours. Established monthly availability levels will not be met this month“.


Example questions that can be answered are:

  • Which services are available?
  • What is the current availability of the online sales service?
  • Is SLA compliance being fulfilled for the partner portal this month?
  • What was last month’s service level for email?
  • Is there sufficient capacity on the SAP platform?
  • What was the most recent unavailability on the Directory service?
  • What is the MMTF for the Apache platform?
  • What standard of service are users receiving on the CRM service desk?

Other available commands are:

  • Generate this month’s service level report
  • Access the web platform dashboard
  • What was the last notification sent for email services?


All personal data collected through this web form will be used for the purpose of attending your request submitted via this web form. You may exercise the right to access, rectification, and cancellation by applying in writing to Obsidian Soft, paseo del General Martinez Campos 44, 28010 Madrid.


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Only professional email addresses will be accepted.Any requests from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or similar accounts will be ignored.

The bot is continuously being developed in order to incorporate all current functionalities available on the Obsidian platform.