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Obsidian Business Service Intelligence

Types of partners

There are many different organisations interested in joining the Obsidian partner programme:


IT service and solution integrators. Digital transformation


Outsourcers, managed service providers, cloud service providers, etc.


Specialists in the implementation of ITSM and Business Intelligence solutions


Specialists in Obsidian technical implementation

Below you will find the main benefits for each type of partner:


Add an innovative and valuable tool for clients to your portfolio, which will also generate considerable profit margins.

Join Obsidian’s partner programme in order to promote the Obsidian platform to clients and be able to offer adaptation services for each client’s needs.

An Obsidian partner account manager will be assigned to elaborate a chart of accounts. Access will be granted to the Obsidian CRM to identify and manage leads.

The Obsidian engineering team will be available at hand to provide support for any of your client’s needs.

Utilización de Obsidian con Herramientas de business intelligence and analytics


Accompany your managed services with an extra layer of service level monitoring provided by Obsidian.

On the one hand partners will gain more control over the services provided and the quality of service offered to each client, as well as the ability to monitor performance as a service provider and quantify the impact of each internal event on the service level offered.

On the other hand, partners will be able to provide visibility to their clients surrounding all relevant business indicators, both in real time and historically, via ad-hoc dashboards and reports for each type of client.


Specialist consultants in the implementation of service management processes will benefit the most from Obsidian by implementing processes for availability management, capacity management, demand management, and service level management.

Specialists in the implementation of service desk tools will be able to compliment user support processes (incidents, service requests, problems, configuration, modifications, delivery) with service provision processes, by integrating Obsidian with the CMDB and receiving service indicators from the service desk platform.

Specialists in business intelligence and business analytics will be able to take advantage of Obsidian’s specialized IT service modelling capabilities in order to integrate it into BI/BA models and provide an additional layer of analysis. .


Incorporate a new element to your proposals which will distinguish you from competitors in public tenders and other bids.

Obsidian allows businesses to complement their existing offering by adding an extra layer of control and management which is highly valued by clients. They can design metrics and specific indicators for their services, as well as add the ability to automatically quantify the performance of contracted services to their portfolio.

Don´t miss out on the opportunity to offer your clients a latest generation tool which will allow them to:

  • Automate the calculation of SLAs for each of the organization´s IT services, in accordance with ITIL/IT4IT best practices and ISO20000 criteria.
  • Gain access to service maps and reports that have been organized according to multiple criteria and user profiles.
  • Synchronization with the clients previously deployed tools.
  • Obsidian offers unique and competitive advantages when approaching clients, generating significant profit margins for organizations.
    Don´t hold back and sign up now to the Obsidian partner programme.



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