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Agile testing implementation using Xray

These days, more and more teams are using agile methodologies for the development of their products. Also, DevOps practices that incorporate development into continuous integration and deployment cycles are defined more and more often. How does this affect testing and QA activities in general? How can test management tools like Xray contribute to agile testing activities?

Agile testing with Xray

Xray is the leading test management tool for Jira environments. It allows teams to manage agile testing activities in DevOps environments, integrating with test automation frameworks such as Cypress, Applitools, Selenium, Robot, Karate, etc.

The webinar Agile Software Testing = Xray + Obsidian QA Services explains how to use Xray to optimize and automate all types of agile tests. This session also includes a demonstration of its use for test management in a continuous deployment and integration CI/CD environment.

About the webinar Agile Software Testing = Xray + Obsidian QA Services

At the beginning of the webinar, the presenter goes over the key concepts of DevOps and agile testing and explains the reasons why testing is appropriate.

This first section also provides a review of the most important trends, both in the field of testing and in QA in general. These trends include the Multi-tool Approach, Open-Source-First, Cloud-native Testing and Augmented Testing, among others. In addition, some tools that, according to Gartner, could be a trend in the future are also mentioned. These tools use AI and machine learning to detect changes and decide whether existing tests should be modified or kept as they are.

DevOps Process

The different phases of the DevOps process.

Following this introductory part, the webinar goes on to introduce a practical case of agile testing implementation on the Xray platform. Specifically, he explains how to define, codify and automate tests related to the HBO platform and the show Game of Thrones. The demo shows how the implementation of agile tests moves through the different phases of the DevOps process.

After the demo, more details are provided about the Xray platform, emphasizing its main functionalities and presenting its roadmap for the near future.

Watch the video of the webinar

If you missed the webinar, or if you wish to re-watch it, do not worry. You can access the full video recording of the event for free by logging in to one of the following social networks:

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