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Obsidian Business Service Intelligence

The vital signs of IT for a business

All businesses need to monitor and evaluate their health. Just like the vital signs of a patient, at Obsidian, we have a set of minimum but sufficient indicators that allow us to quickly assess the current situation of an IT service. These are the vital signs of IT for a business.

The vital signs of IT for a business

The vital Signs of IT for a business

In Obsidian, there are four indicators, based on the main service provision processes of ITIL and ISO 20000:

  • The availability of the service.
  • Service capacity or performance.
  • Quality of user support services.
  • The automatic quantification of the service level, as a calculation of the three indicators above.

Obsidian’s fundamental goal is to build these four indicators for each of the organization’s services.

Through connectors to different corporate or external data sources, we access the relevant metrics that give us information about the health state of the services.

All these value metrics are added to the modelling of each service, showing the four vital indicators for its software and hardware layers, as well as for the dependencies on other services of the organization.


Benefits of using Obsidian’s smart monitoring

Knowing the health status of each service in the organization and understanding the impact relationships between them will help the organization to better manage its IT and business infrastructures:

  • Greater visibility and context of problems for both technical and business services.
  • Reduced reaction time , thanks to the possibility of locating problems on intuitive dashboards.
  • Improved productivity of teams by reducing the effort required for diagnostics and problem solving.
  • Anticipation to errors , through leading indicators at the level of IT services and business processes.
  • Tracking service levels through automatic report generation and explanation with data2text , identifying relevant events in services.
  • Identification of the origin of a service event through notifications that provide sufficient context for decision-making.

Video of the Catch up on Obsidian webinar

On July 8, the free webinar Catch up on Obsidian! took place. At this meeting, we introduced the main new features included in Obsidian 3.0, the new release of the Obsidian intelligent service monitoring platform.

You can access the video of the webinar Catch up on Obsidian! by logging in to one of your social network accounts

Access to Obsidian 3.0 beta

Starting in August, the Obsidian 3.0 beta will be available to a select set of customers. You can request enrollment in the program using the contact form.

Further information


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