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ISO 20000 SLA automation at PwC with Obsidian

Óscar Novillo, Senior Manager at PwC, and Raquel Fernández, project manager at Obsidian, gave a presentation at GigaTIC 2017 on the automation of SLA calculation in PwC’s ISO 20000 service management system with Obsidian.

You may watch the presentation in HD by simply signing in with one of your social networks. The video is in Spanish, but subtitles are available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. It currently has 36357 views and 210 likes.

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PwC’s ISO 20000 service management system

ISO 20000 is organized into thirteen management processes. Some of them are well-supported by service desk tools. However, others lack the tools to support and automate them appropriately. Some examples are:

    • Service levels
    • Service availability
    • Capacity and demand (see presentación de Camper on these specific processes)
    • Etc.

This is where Obsidian comes in. The effective implantation of these processes in organizations that supply IT services requires a specific tool. This presentation shows some key aspects for the successful implementation of these processes with Obsidian, following good ITIL practices and ISO 20000 requirements. It also explains how to use Obsidian to calculate historical indicators and all ISO 20000 processes in real time.

Success case: Automatic SLA calculation in PwC with Obsidian

First, Óscar Novillo presents the context and the roadmap for the implementation of the ISO 20000 service management system followed in PwC. He also points out the main challenges, the scope of this implementation and the tools that they have at their disposal.

Then, Raquel Fernández introduces a series of general concepts about service management and common metrics in an SLA. She also explains how to calculate SLA compliance indicators and how to integrate them into dashboards and reports, both in real time and historically.

Finally, the metrics and indicators used by PwC in their SLAs are explained, and examples of dashboards and reports are given.

A special mention for Obsidian in PwC by the ISO 20000 auditor

PwC has had an ISO 20000 service management system since 2016. From its implementation, PwC has relied on Obsidian to monitor services, integrating, among other tools:

    • Solarwinds
    • Nagios
    • Microsoft SCOM
    • Microsoft SCSM
    • VMWare VCenter

With the data originating from these corporative tools, Obsidian calculates indicators in real time for each process. In the external audit report drawn up by the British standards body BSI, Obsidian is specifically mentioned as an essential piece for the automation of reports and dashboards of PwC service provision.

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