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Obsidian Business Service Intelligence


Webinar Fist steps with Obsidian
Webinar about the first steps with Obsidian

How can I plan a project with Obsidian? Is there any requirements? What are the first steps? When are the first results presented? These and many other questions will be answered in the upcoming webinar about the first steps with Obsidian...

Agile testing services with Xray
Agile testing implementation using Xray

Xray is the leading test management tool for Jira environments. It allows teams to manage agile testing activities in DevOps environments, integrating with test automation frameworks such as Cypress, Applitools, Selenium, Robot or Karate among others...

As constantes vitais da ti para o negócio
The vital signs of IT for a business

Obsidian has a set of minimum, but sufficient indicators that allow a rapid assessment of the current situation of an IT service: Availability, capacity, quality of user support and automatic quantification of the service level as a calculation of the previous three. These are the...

Demand and capacity management at Camper
Demand and capacity management at Camper

Enric Roca (Camper) and Diego Berea (Obsidian) deliver a presentation at BrightTalk about the implementation of demand management processes and capacity management of Camper IT services using the Obsidian service monitoring platform...

Técnicas de inteligencia artificial para la interpretación automática de indicadores de gestión de servicios en GigaTIC2017. Data2text y lenguaje natural
Automatic interpretation of service management indicators

Alberto Bugarín, professor of artificial intelligence, and Diego Berea, Director of Obsidian, gave a presentation about the use of data2text NGL for the automatic interpretation of service management indicators implemented in Obsidian...

Automated control of a provider's SLA
Automation of the control of a supplier’s SLA

At the Vision17 event of itSMF Spain, of which Obsidian has been a gold sponsor, Diego Berea presented a case study on automation in the control of a supplier's SLAs, using ITIL / ISO 20000 metrics and indicators to build a real-time model of service...